Tom Halbach

Tom Halbach is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in accounting, financial plan development, information technology, manufacturing process and development, and more!

Tom cares about the success of new businesses; he feels that he has a vested interest because a small business success enhances the area economy.  He appreciates the ideas of entrepreneurs as they share their dreams and aspirations with SCORE mentors.  However, he knows that not every business idea will work and that many small businesses fail due to ineffective planning, unrealistic expectations and poor market analysis.  When Tom works with entrepreneurs, he draws from an extended and multifaceted career with the Hewlett Packard Corporation where his work included positions as a senior buyer, a cost analyst, a procurement specialist, a product planner and a program manager.  Flexibility and adaptability were required as his professional life changed and he moved upward from position to position.  He found it necessary to climb steep learning curves to become fully competent in various aspects of the business world. His flexibility and willingness to learn is also apparent in his pre-corporate career which involved work in the environmental science industry.  Tom is happy to share his expertise, in cost accounting, manufacturing, agricultural concerns. He can help entrepreneurs evaluate their ideas, identify risk factors, make valid cost assumptions and do effective market analysis.

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