Steve McIntyre

Steve McIntyre is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business planning, inventory management, business processes, information technology, and more!

Steve McIntyre has a deep passion for the world of Information Systems and Technology.  He stepped into this field as it was emerging and found it fascinating.  He soon acquired the ability to match the needs of clients with the capacity of technology to improve and enhance productivity. Steve’s communication skills served him well as he deciphered technology for prospective clients so that they could understand how information systems work and how technology could become integral to success of scientific, engineering and commercial enterprises.  In his 40-year career he has been CIO and Information Systems and Technology Project Director on large technically complex, international projects for some of the world’s leading engineering companies including Bechtel and Morrison Knudson.  Steve also started two successful businesses from scratch with other partners.

As a mentor, Steve assists those with good ideas to effectively evaluate the market for their product or service, to weigh the merits of the idea to determine if the proposed product or service has sufficient market potential to attract necessary funding, and to define necessary business parameters for the business proposed.  He sees passion, commitment, effective communication and the willingness to work hard and long as keys to success in business.