In theory, federal deregulation is a win for small businesses seeking to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than compliance concerns and related administrative tasks. This assumes regulation at the state and local levels will be unaffected by the slowdown of federal regulation.

But, in fact, as federal regulatory activity has stalled over the past few years, many states and municipalities have stepped in to bolster employment laws. Since 2015, several states, cities and counties have introduced more than 250 new (sometimes conflicting) regulations on minimum wage, discrimination, medical leave and other worker protections. 

Download the survey to learn the biggest pain points small business owners face when trying to comply with often-conflicting federal, state and local regulations.

Some highlights of the study include:

  • 82% believe that labor laws are necessary to ensure parity among employers.
  • 74% of small business employers feel that employment laws are becoming increasingly complex.
  • 59% of small business employers rely on colleagues and friends to learn about changes in employment laws.
  • Approximately half of small business owners say they lack full confidence in their awareness of federal, state and local employment laws.


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