Raymond Davis

Raymond Davis is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business planning, marketing, competitive strategy development, recruiting and hiring employees, restaurant management, and more!

Raymond has been a SCORE volunteer for 12 years and likes helping people succeed.  As a young man he was involved in the restaurant business enjoying the opportunity to serve others. He continued that theme by becoming a forensic scientist assisting law enforcement in the pursuit of justice. He has worked in the public and private sectors of his profession operating his investigative laboratory in Seattle, WA for over 13 years. His work included examining physical evidence and evaluating crime scenes --often in dangerous circumstances --and reporting on his conclusions in court.  Often called on to speak publically and to testify, he was keenly aware of the anxiety many colleagues felt when providing evidence in court.  He wanted to help. Consequently, he established an analogous business designed to hone the ability of medical and forensics professionals to calmly and coherently represent themselves and their work in tense courtroom situations.  As his experiences mounted, experience that included over ten thousand hours of courtroom testimony, he pursued another avenue for expression and became a published novelist.  With numerous transferable business skills from which to draw, Raymond is at ease helping entrepreneurs in assessing their business -related ideas and establishing priorities. 

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