Norm Beckert

Norm Beckert is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business management, intellectual property management, insurance, new product commercialization, business plan development, and more.

Norm acquired engineering and business skills studying at Drexell University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Management. His academic training propelled him into a successful career at Boise Cascade Company. He there developed expertise in numerous areas including energy systems, manufacturing and supply management and ultimately became the Director of Corporate Procurement. That position required the ability to work with people on all sides of a business equation and the capacity to deal with confrontation.  For most, this would be sufficient responsibility, but not for Norm.  Wanting others to benefit from his experience and training, he has written over 160 articles about small business issues and has served as an Adjunct Professor in Boise State’s College of Business and Economics. Flexibility, strong customer service orientation, and thorough understanding of ‘the numbers’ related to costs, resources and timing are competencies Norm feels an entrepreneur must possess.  He also feels entrepreneurs benefit from meeting frequently with business mentors when working to establish a new business.  

At SCORE, he enjoys helping entrepreneurs develop strong business plans.  He likes to continue the association by meeting regularly with business owners in an advisory capacity as their new enterprises move from initial stages toward profitability and lasting success.

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