Larry Clucas

Larry Clucas is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business financing, market research, nonprofit management, government contracting, human resources/personnel management, and more!

Larry, a man with a big heart, grew up on an Idaho dairy farm where business thrived because the farmers there helped each other.  Years Later, after college and military service, he was still assisting others during a successful career in banking where he gained experience as a loan officer and branch manager. Larry also enjoyed a second career as city manager in Umatilla, Oregon, and oversaw the development of a city hall, sports fields and an historic riverside park.  During his professional years, he listened to the ideas and plans of numerous aspiring business people, assisted many in acquiring needed capital, and watched as well-construed plans materialized and became reality. 

Consequently, Larry is well positioned to help SCORE clients to assess their market research, analyze their business plans, and identify roadblocks.  Additionally, he is experienced with budget development, business turnarounds and government contracts. He feels entrepreneurs must realistically assess the value of their ideas, and that they must be resilient to weather the inevitable lean times along the road to success.  Hallmarks of successful businesses, in Larry’s mind, include control of appropriate inventory, good management of personnel, and an understanding of when to close.   

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