Jim Balis

Jim Balis is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in restaurant management, franchising, business acquisitions, and other key skills required for the hospitality industry.

Jim, a New Yorker, made a business as children’s party magician when he was in high school.  As a Duke University student, he replaced magic with a wide variety of extracurricular activities while directing his academic interests toward a business career in the movie industry.  Those aspirations changed when a friend alerted him to the problems financial companies face when businesses they have financed begin to fail.  Now Idaho’s only Certified Turnaround Professional, he owns his own firm and applies business acumen, assessment skills and leadership experience to turn distressed companies from loss to prosperity.  His work requires that he assess a company’s business practices and policies from income and expenditures to sales drivers and labor efficiency.  Often he assumes the role of interim CEO to improve the business model and reshape company procedures and policy.   He’s worked with companies in various fields, but particularly enjoys working with restaurateurs and those in the food industry, and he owns his own Boise restaurant.  

As a SCORE mentor, he’s helped many local businesses owners realistically and effectively assess their existing businesses in order to improve profit margins.

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