Jeff Weeks

Jeff Weeks is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and research and development.

Jeff Weeks, a coil of intensely focused energy, lives life at full throttle and approaches businesses with the same tenacity and drive.   An expert in the art of salesmanship, he’s coached independent businessmen in marketing and sales techniques encouraging them to sell solutions rather than just products or services, to recognize that price is not a solution, and never to use a free trial as a closer.  His current business success is the byproduct of such salesmanship coupled with training and opportunity.   As a young man, he loved music, not academics.  For years he scraped by enjoying life as a drummer playing gigs with different bands.  Once a package of ramen noodles completely depleted his cash supply.  To make ends meet, he took side jobs working as a mechanic, an oil company employee, even as a tattoo artist.  He also created businesses including a septic sewage removal company and an insurance firm. Some failed, but to Jeff, worrying is a poor use of one’s imagination. He re-imagined himself, and his life in software started when he spotted a potential market niche for extended warranty software which he then created. He applied the same skill sets to the creation of manufacturing and supply chain software.  Currently he owns three software firms where ideas lead to development and manufactured products reach clients. 

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