H. Dean Bunnell

Dean Bunnell is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business planning, marketing, competitive strategy development, new product commercialization and more!

A self-described serial entrepreneur with over 40 years of business experience, Dean has done business with over 95 countries, applying his skills in multi-national companies and in the management and development of smaller businesses. Trained as an engineer, he entered the work force as a microwave telecom designer. He anticipated a career in scientific research and development, but when he found the business end of operations interested him more, he obtained an MBA and shifted his energy to management, operations, promotion, and sales.   He has started and grown companies in the telecommunications industry and in diverse fields including Biotech, industrial chemicals, specialty cold weather clothing, and salon level hair care.  He can help entrepreneurs and small businesses determine if a product or service will meet the needs and wants of their target market, assess market opportunities and position their businesses for success.   

As a SCORE mentor, Dean also can guide entrepreneurs as they work to organize and focus their thinking.  He can assist them with the development and implementation of market validation measures and share proven management strategies.  He can also help entrepreneurs produce effective business plans keyed to managing the company and acquiring financial support as needed.

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