How to Build a Permission-Based Email List January 12, 2021

Email marketing is only as effective as your least engaged subscriber. That’s why having an interested and qualified list of contacts that you can stay top of mind with, is vital to your business. Continuing to grow that list is just as important.

In this webinar, we will discuss various strategies to capture new contacts and to build relationships with your subscribers so you can see the real business results that you deserve.

Here's Our Agenda:

  • How to build a permission-based list
  • How to entice your target audience to sign up
  • How to use Constant Contact's sign-up tools.
  • And more!

Plus, All attendees will recieve a copy of the presentation slides and access to the webinar replay!

About the Presenter(s)

John Walker - SCORE SME

John Walker is a Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer for T.E. Digital, a digital marketing agency, and brings over 20 years of experience in providing digital marketing solutions to small business clients in a variety of industries.

Co-founder & CSO, T.E. Digital
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