Elvin Ballance

Elvin Ballance is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business management, taxation, and strategic development - particularly in the technology industry.

Elvin’s interest in flight began when, as a boy, he took a ride in a Piper Cub.  Eventually he earned a commercial pilot’s license and became a flight instructor, but between the initial flight and the pilot’s license his feet were firmly planted on the ground  as he measured  weather conditions and maintained electronic  communication and data collection systems for the United State Air Force, the Federal Aviation Authority, and the National Weather Service.  Because electronic technology and monitoring systems continually evolve, Elvin needed to continually update his skills. He took opportunities to learn then train colleagues about the most current equipment and changes in weather monitoring systems.  His field was technical, but he feels all entrepreneurs need to continually learn within their respective industries.  When Elvin left his electronics career, he took on the challenge of learning all he could about taxation and the current tax system.  He then put his understanding to work as a volunteer tax consultant for AARP. 

As a SCORE mentor, he can assist not only those contemplating a business related to electronics technology, but also those seeking assistance with business related taxation issues.

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