Doug Townsend

Doug is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in regulatory compliance, new product commercialization, business planning, and more!

Doug Townsend is an engineer who has spent much of his 42-year career helping people solve problems. 

If you are having difficulty starting (or finishing) your business plan, Doug can help you with tips and best practices that are logical and easy to follow.  He uses simple concepts that anyone can readily apply to their plan to produce a polished and professional document.  Even developing your financial proforma is not as hard as you may think!

If you are having trouble getting your arms around the myriad of details required to start a business, Doug can help you organize, prioritize and make the most efficient use of your time in getting up and running.

If you are uncertain of how to go about contracting for goods or services for your growing company, or if you are being asked to sign a hard-to-understand contract, Doug can help you with his many years of experience in practical contracting.

Doug has formed and managed many project teams. He can help you with the “people side” of a business in developing job descriptions, preparing an employee manual, documenting performance expectations for prospective or existing employees and working with your staff to provide constructive feedback on their performance.

In his industrial project experience, Doug has managed projects up to $350 million in value.  His decades of professional experience can benefit clients seeking to convert their business idea, process design or intellectual property into a profitable business.

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