Doug Pottenger

Doug Pottenger is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business planning, process improvement, engineering, regulatory compliance, human resources, and more!

Doug Pottenger worked 38 years for a multi-national energy company at locations around the globe with assignments ranging from engineering to business operations. He stepped into managerial positions improving the corporation’s supply chain management, compliance efforts, technical capabilities and leadership development.  One of the locations Doug worked was on the Gulf Coast, which can be hit by hurricanes.  When Hurricane Georges severely damaged a refinery, he led an effort to build a dike surrounding the facility, which subsequently protected the refinery a few years later when Hurricane Katrina struck.  Because of his ability to work effectively with colleagues and manage crisis situations, Doug was asked to support the Katrina recovery efforts so that people in the company who suffered storm- related personal losses could restart their lives. Among the things Doug enjoyed most during his career was developing people’s skills and building strong teams.  When asked to identify determinants of success among business people, he named commitment and self-confidence.  He looks forward to connecting with SCORE clients and helping them explore options and trouble shoot business problems. He feels his experiences can provide a different perspective that can be useful breaking down business problems into manageable chunks.  

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