Don Krull

Don Krull is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has extensive experience in business planning, budgeting, and operational management.

Don grew up in the farming country of Northern California. He attended a small 2 room country school with a diverse student body of 50 students which at any time spoke from 1-4 different languages.  This experience served him well during his career as it assisted him in developing and leading diverse groups. Coming from a farming background it naturally led to an initial career in food industry. With a degree in microbiology he held several positions in quality control and technical services for food processing companies such as Campbell Soup. Eventually this led to a position in industrial sales for a contract food processing company.  At this time the field of industrial biotechnology was just beginning and gave him a opportunity to move in another direction.  Don joined Novo Nordisk, an international biotech company as a sales representative in a broad number of industries.  Not only did Novo Nordisk produce enzymes for a variety of food processing applications, but served a wide range of industries, from textiles to oil recovery.  This gave Don an opportunity to become acquainted with a broad range of industry applications, and to lead a variety of diverse sales and technical application teams both domestically and internationally.  Getting diverse groups to come together to become functioning teams was a challenge that Don had great success with.  During this time, budget development from a cost and sales basis was necessary.  New product introductions into new and existing industries were constantly occurring as the new technologies were developed.  This gave Don an opportunity to utilize his sales and marketing skills learned through experience as well as formal training in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Don can assist you in developing your business plans as well as your sales and marketing efforts and operational budgets.  Assistance in the development of operational teams to further your business can also be addressed.

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