Dave Churchill

Dave Churchill is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in contracting, engineering, information technology, engineering, and more!

Dave, a successful mechanical/electrical engineer, worked extensively for a Fortune 500 energy company.  His career centered on providing project management, design services and construction expertise.  In his most recent position, he managed the operation of all process-automation systems at a large overseas industrial complex. Dave especially enjoyed the construction aspects of the projects he helped manage.  He identifies two competencies that were critical to his success and that would be critical for success in any business.  The first is the ability to communicate effectively and work harmoniously with people within one’s own firm and also with partner companies and clients.  Second, he notes the need to efficiently prioritize.  He feels those just entering the business world must have a strong grasp of marketing principles and must understand financial processes and realties including the need for appropriate funding. 

As a SCORE mentor David can help SCORE clients to recognize areas within the framework of their business plans and aspirations that require additional concentrated attention, and he can suggest areas where greater skill may need to be acquired if a business is to succeed.  David is willing to work face-to-face or via email to provide mentoring.  He also connects clients with other SCORE mentors if the client’s needs could be more effectively addressed by a mentor with different expertise.

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