Claus Eggers

Claus Eggers is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business financing, marketing, competitive strategic planning, business planning, and management in the healthcare industry. 

As a young man, Claus Eggers paired training in hospitality & hotel management with an interest in travel as he discovered the world while working on cruise ships and in hotels. The experience and business sense he acquired there paid benefits when he entered the institutional food service industry, receiving some of that industry’s highest awards. Thoughtful and innovative, he was able to successfully apply his business acumen to new challenges and became the Director of Ancillary Services at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.  Later he became CEO of Las Vegas’s Valley Hospital, and ultimately he worked as a consultant in the health care industry.  Claus feels all employees are worthy of respect regardless of their position in the company hierarchy and advises managers to engage directly with employees. To reduce workplace stress, he advises working smart rather than long.  Financial metrics are a part of every business enterprise and Claus maintains that business owners & managers must maintain the economic health of the business.  Able to quickly identify both strengths and weaknesses in business plans and operating processes, Clause can help both aspiring entrepreneurs and those currently operating a small business.

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