Brad Bruggeman

Brad Bruggeman is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in manufacturing process development and management, business planning, accounting, and engineering design and management, and project management.

Brad centered his professional career in Ohio and studded it with multiple international assignments.  After completing several military assignments, Brad developed business acumen at The Thunderbird School of Global Management.  He then stepped into a career with Goodyear where he applied his skills and learned more through company training opportunities. Later, Brad trained others who now hold executive positions within the corporation in several countries.  Brad rose to become Director of Facilities Planning charged with corporate facilities planning worldwide. He feels two principles are core to successful business practice.  First, though you must always keep the company’s goals in mind, do what is right for the people who work for and with you; second, astute communication—with clients but also laterally with colleagues and vertically with leaders up and down the managerial ladder. 

Brad identifies himself as a numbers man with particular expertise in cost equations and projections used to predict the time needed to reach profitability.  While he values working with clients who anticipate developing a new business, he particularly enjoys mentoring companies as they seek to expand, improve and grow established businesses.

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