Andrew Owczarek

Andrew Owczarek is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in marketing, business planning, business acquisitions, human resources, new product commercialization, operations & management, and more!

Andrew feels that feels luck, genetics, and serendipity have played significant roles in his successes in business.  Undoubtedly such things played a role in his success, but Andy, a physicist, learned early how to capitalize on his natural curiosity and intellect to discover how things work, how they might work better, and how to  effectively put all the pieces together. The United States Airforce and Federated Department Stores were among the beneficiaries. Eventually, as a result of numerous requests for assistance and he created his own international business consulting firm. 

It’s curiosity that leads him to study and analyze all the pieces of a business operation. He feels that by analyzing and engaging in all aspects of a business endeavor, an individual gains the understanding necessary to effectively operate a business.  His experience covers all aspects of business from planning to production, management to marketing and more.  He also knows the value of studying s related businesses and capitalizing on their best practices.  He is adept at identifying both effective practices and areas of weakness in business operations.   While success seems to follow him, he says he also values lessons learned from his failures.  He understands the challenges small business owners face and respects those just stepping into the world of business and those who are struggling to solve problems in existing businesses.  He can provide a calm, measured review of business plans and suggest well-grounded professional solutions business problems.

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