Andrew Chorlton

Andrew Chorlton is a mentor with Treasure Valley SCORE. He has expertise in business planning, human resources, marketing, new product commercialization, R&D management and operations, and more!

Andrew Chorlton wasn’t anticipating a career within the semiconductor industry when he entered the University of London as chemistry major. Instead, his career took root when he followed his passion for beautiful music.  He wanted to enhance musical production and recording so people could enjoy a richer musical experience, and he knew that there were ways to do so electronically.  His interest in electronics eventually led him to a position with British Telecom and later, he was able to step into a whole new industry devoted to integrated circuitry (micro-chips).  Convincing potential customers of the product value of semiconductors came easily for Andrew. He developed strong command of marketing strategy as the industry moved forward.

In moves to Motorola Corporation, and then to National Semiconductor, he acquired skill and experience in management, contract negotiation and pricing.  His career took him from London, to France, Germany, Asia and the United States. He enjoyed the challenge of working with different societies were cultural norms and expectations differ.  Within companies, he prefers a collaborative approach that includes members of the company understanding the value of the work others within the firm do, and how each person’s efforts contribute to overall success.  Andrew enjoys working with people who have specific business goals and a clear idea of what success would look like in their respective fields.  He identifies effective communication skills, flexibility and financial literacy as attributes of successful businessmen and women. 

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